Thursday, September 10, 2015

Redirect nohup's output

Some novice Linux users like to execute a long time running pipeline using nohup 

"nohup mycommand"

which by default will direct stdout and stderr to the current working directory with name "nohup.out". If we have many of these files then we can easily get lost due to the same names under different folders.

While we can tell the user to redirect their output to another managed path, it is hard to let them run something like 

"nohup 1>/log/a.log 2>&1" 

It is just too complicated.

TO solve this problem without changing their old habit, we can re-define the nohup. Add following code to the end of "/etc/bash.bashrc"

function nohup () {
UUID=$(cat /proc/sys/kernel/random/uuid)
printf  "log:\n${logfile}\n"
/usr/bin/nohup $@ 1> ${logfile} 2>&1}

Next time when user launched a nohup, the system will print a message like this: